Physical Therapy


What is a Physical Therapist?
A Physical therapist treats patients who are suffering from physical injuries or disabilities by teaching them various therapeutic exercises and activities that strengthen muscles, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Dr. Stotts treats accident victims and clients with such conditions as sciatica, migraines, low back pain, muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, neck pain, herniated discs, foot and ankle problems and much more.


What do Physical Therapists do?
Physical Therapists develop a rehabilitation plan and provide ongoing evaluations based on their patients’ activities and progress. Dr. Stotts assists patients in a wide range of activities ranging from teaching a patient to walk again after a foot injury to helping an athlete improve their physical performance on the playing field.

For a patient recovering from an injury or disease, Dr. Stotts will help reduce the patient’s pain and increase the patient’s strength, endurance, and stability. In addition to treatments given in the office, she will work with the patient to develop a home therapy program for continued care.

Meet our Physical Therapist:      Sara Stotts, DPT



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