Women’s Health

Pre and Post Natal Care
Millennium Wellness Group has therapists who are certified in treatment for pregnant, laboring and postpartum women. Our training in advanced massage techniques and specific support measures help to give the pregnant woman relief of muscle strain, increased circulation, reduction of stress, promotion of relaxation, and optimization of muscle tone and function. Massage during pregnancy can contribute to a healthier pregnancy and more efficient labor. It can also relieve the sensation of heaviness and aching in legs caused by swelling or varicose veins. Postnatal care includes scar tissue massage, promotion of restoration of abdomen and weight bearing muscles and joints, and care of bladder incontinence.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise
Our therapists will design individual exercise programs to balance the musculoskeletal system, enhance circulation, and address weak or tight muscles. A healthy exercise program contributes to a healthy pregnancy and promotes a safer and more comfortable delivery. Patients will be instructed in proper trunk strengthening exercises, proper body mechanics, and postural correction techniques to relieve or prevent back pain. In addition, exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles are addressed to promote healthy delivery and recovery.



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